Convenience in the Wilderness


Full pub/tavern with a log bar, convenience store amenities

carrying supplies, ice, firewood, snacks, soft drinks, ice cream,

coffee and more.


Camping...on the doorstep of

Glacier National Park!


The only hot shower facility within    30 miles!


Assortment of unique wilderness

and outdoor themed gifts custom jewelry, crafts, T-shirts, ball caps

and much more.


The coldest beer in the North Fork served in “real” glasses that are chilled to perfection.


Full bar with beer, wine and mixed drinks.  Texas style BBQ, ribs, brisket and pulled pork.  Speciality Burgers, Huckleberry Frostys, Sundaes

and more treats!


Families welcome!


Friendly services with interesting stories and the occasional wolf, moose or grizzly bear wandering through.  Yes, we have see them

all on our property!


Come and see where the grizzly

bear ripped the side off the building and tore into the store.





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Home Ranch Bottoms at Glacier Park
...convenience in the wilderness

Cafe * Bar * Store * Campground


Adhere to practices that will minimize unfriendly bear encounters.  Both black bears and grizzly bears are common in the North Fork, as are mountain lions, moose, elk and wolves.


Their pursuit of food can cause them to seek out food stored by visitors. Soap, toiletries, and scented items may also be an invitation to bears

and other wildlife.


To help reduce the occurrences of human/bear conflicts follow recommended guidelines for storing food, toiletries, and pet food. This helps decrease the possibility of personal injury or property damage.


Packs, sleeping bags, and clothes should be kept free of food odors. As a precaution against the presence of food odors, wash your hands and face before retiring. If possible, if you are staying in a tent, do not sleep in clothes worn while cooking.

Of course, do not leave food or scraps accessible around your camp.

Wash surfaces after use and clean your

cook stove and fire pit.



Both species of bears (grizzly and black bear) can be encountered anywhere in the North Fork and

Glacier National Park.


Please don't feed bears

or leave anything accessible for them to feed upon!

A bear that becomes habituated to humans and human food sources usually is sentenced to an early death. The saying goes, "A fed bear is a dead bear". We want to assist in maintaining a healthy bear population with the least negative bear/human encounters as possible.


Your help is critically important!


Bears are always a topic of special interest for visitors and locals alike.  Please use precautions during all outdoor activities in and around

Glacier National Park.  


Thanks! Your friends at the Home Ranch Bottoms


Every where you travel in and around

Glacier National Park

the scenery and wildlife is terrific!